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July 24, 2007

Pilates Flex Band Recommendation

Posted in: Beginners, Equipment, Small Pilates Props

Flex Bands have several names. I have heard them called Thera-bands, Pilates bands, Resistance bands, Exercise bands, and Flex bands. To clear any confusion, it is one item with many identities.

Exercise with the Pilates Flex Band

Flex bands are excellent to boost any pilates mat workout. Workouts can be created with the flex band to simulate exercises done on the reformer. It really helps to tone the arms and legs - which some people feel are a bit neglected in a regular pilates mat workout.

Pilates Flex Band Recommendation

I like, and use, the Stott pilates flex bands. They come in two different strengths, distinguishable by color, to accommodate different pilates exercises.

Flex Band Length

I like these bands for two reasons. Some bands that are sold are actually too short for certain pilates exercises - this is frustrating! The Stott bands are long enough.

I have also had other brands of flex bands break which were fairly new. It hurts when they snap in half!


If you are using a DVD it would be wise to use the flex band that is associated to the DVD. Since I recommend the Stott pilates flex band DVD for clarity and pace, it would be a good idea to get the bands from Stott as well.

Consistency is important regarding the amount of resistence they are recommending and you are using.

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