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July 25, 2007

Pilates Ring and Magic Circle Recommendations

Posted in: Beginners, Equipment, Small Pilates Props

A pilates ring is a great and versatile resistance tool to add to your pilates exercises. Use them to tone arms and challenge core stability.

There are only a couple of differences to look out for when purchasing pilates rings.


Pilates Ring and Magic Circle Differences

Pilates rings, like most other forms of resistance in fitness, have different levels. Usually there is a lighter version and a heavier version for pilates rings.

The ring that I use is made by Gaiam and has three metal sheets that make up the circular part of the ring. The three metal sheets make it one of the heavier (in terms of resistance) pilates rings.

A ring with two metal sheets is going to be generally less resistance than one with three sheets of metal.


Recommended Pilates Rings and Magic Circles

Gaiam Pilates Ring

The ring by Gaiam is very durable and one of the best on the market. It has lasted me several years.

Stott Pilates Ring

Stott pilates also makes a ring very similar to the Gaiam ring. However, Stott now offers a new type of ring called the “lite” ring. It weighs less and is great for people who transport their rings.

The other helpful thing is that there is padding on the inside of the ring, which most rings do not have. There are some pilates exercises which require us to put our leg inside the ring - this is what the padding is superb for!

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