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December 19, 2007

Classical Pilates Technique with Peter Fiasca

Posted in: Advanced, Mat, Reviews, Video, dvd

This video uses the Classical style of Pilates - similar to the way Joseph Pilates (the founder of the Pilates Method) used to teach. Though this DVD includes a basic workout, an intermediate workout, and an advanced workout I would not recommend using it as your weekly practice video.

The basic exercises are too fast, not descriptive enough, and there is hardly any breath cuing. These are elements that I consider crucial to teaching a beginner pilates student to ensure that they progress their practice and ward off injuries.

The intermediate exercises are again too fast and lack good cuing of the breathing. There are also not enough intermediate exercises.

The advanced portion is very advanced. Only very advanced students or pilates instructors should attempt these exercises.

If you are looking for a video in which you can simply watch pilates - this would be the one! The demonstration is very nice to watch but the commentator is not very helpful as an instructor - so those of us doing the workout are left to do as we watch. In sum there are much better videos out there to help you learn or supplement your pilates practice.

Looking at Amazon.com this video seems quite popular. Why do I disagree with these people? Because this is simply not a teaching video. I also do not agree with its approach. Joseph Pilates had a great idea and as time progressed, people have added aspects to his method to heighten it as a form of exercise - many of these changes are scientifically based and true improvements. For instance, focusing on restoring the natural alignment of the spine paired with mobility and stability of the joints is something skipped over in the classical method. In the classical method, there isn’t a focus on a neutral pelvis, but instead, they use a constantly imprinted pelvis. And that’s just one example where pilates has evolved. So then why should we, as smart individuals, continue an old way when there is a better, more effective, and healthy approach? Sounds like stubbornness to me…

  • Pace - Too fast
  • Level - Advanced
  • Clear breath cuing - No
  • Inclusion of pilates principles - Not enough
  • Explanation of the goals of an exercise - No
  • What you get out of doing an exercise - No
  • Target muscles - Maybe a few
  • Common errors in specific exercises - Not at all

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