Anatomy of the Body For Pilates

Pilates and Anatomy

Your body has muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and nerves which work together to create movement in pilates. It is wise to have some understanding of anatomy, or at least have something to reference, to help you move in the most efficient way.

I even go to my anatomy book when I have something that is hurting to find out what exactly it is so I know where to rub or who to go see.

Learning Anatomy in Pilates

When I first started my pilates certification I was feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of anatomy and kinesiology I was having to learn. I’m a visual person and the anatomy books I had seemed to be confusing me more! I experienced:

  • Books displaying crammed muscles on a single diagram
  • Impossible muscle differentiation in diagrams
  • Information overload
  • Mind numbing coloring in anatomy coloring books

Don’t let this happen to you! Stop now!

How to Effectively Learn and Study Anatomy for Pilates

My life as an educated pilates instructor was looking grim until I received the “Trail Guide to the Body” in the mail. I ordered this book as a result of the students, in my pilates certification course, raving about it. It was a last resort hopeful and purchase, but didn’t think it would really pull through.

To my surprise, I was AMAZED! The book was clearly organized in a follow-able manner. It was very detailed but written in a clear enough way that non-doctors could read it and get doctor quality information.

The true test were the pictures. The pictures are the clearest I have ever seen in a book, magazine, science textbook, and even the internet. Showing muscles from multiple directions with cut-away sections helped me understand location and action. The book even includes directions to finding the muscles on a physical body.

Easy to Learn Anatomy Book

If you are just interested in anatomy, want an anatomy reference book, studying for any exam which includes anatomy or kinesiology… get this book!

It will save you money, time, and sanity (for those of you taking a test.) This is how I learned anatomy easily and how I came to understand pilates at a deeper level.

Andrew Biel now has a third edition of his book out and it is even better than the edition I used!

By the way, all of the reviews that this book has received on Amazon are ALL 5 stars. The content in this book speaks for itself.

Anatomy Flashcards

Flashcards are another great way to memorize anatomy. This is how I became a quick reference for anatomy. I just added a muscle group each day until I memorized them all and could connect the muscles to their actions within pilates exercises.

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