Beginning Mat Workout with Ana Caban

Ana Caban’s Beginning Mat workout DVD is clearly divided into three sections: A 10 minute intro, pilates exercises, and an energy boost section. The introduction provides information about what effects pilates has on the body, pilates principles, common terms heard throughout a pilates workout, and what you need in a workout. The energy boost at the end is a 12 minute challenge which begins with some standing exercises. Some of the exercises in this section will give you a taste of the intermediate version.

As an instructor Ana Caban is very personable and encouraging, she consistently says the name of each exercise before it happens (which other videos leave out), and she gives a challenging workout even for intermediate students.

Down Side: With the focus being on keeping her audience moving, she does not incorporate the principles as much as I would like to see in a beginner level video. I would particularly like to see her focus more on the pelvic placement and alignment in each exercise, as it is essential to fully understanding most exercises.

Pilates Beginning Mat Workout DVD

  • Pace - The pace is too fast for complete beginners
  • Level - High beginner
  • Clear breath cuing - Fairly clear breath cuing
  • Inclusion of pilates principles - The pilates principles are mentioned in the introduction but not incorporated into the workout as much as I would like to see, especially considering it is a beginner level workout
  • Explanation of the goals of an exercise - The goal of each exercise is not always clear.
  • What you get out of doing an exercise - Occasionally she mentions changes that you might see in your body.
  • Target muscles - The basic amount of muscles used are occasionally mentioned.
  • Common errors in specific exercises - Common errors are rarely mentioned - and they are important for a beginning student to know.

So, it’s not the best beginner’s video, but if you have taken some pilates classes before and are already familiar with the pilates basic principles within your own body, this is a great video to supplement your training at home. Its pace will ensure you finish well refreshed. Once you have mastered the Beginning Mat Workout you can segue to Ana Caban’s Intermediate Mat Workout.

Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout DVD

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  1. Suzann {Sunday March 2, 2008 @ 11:09 am}

    Thanks for the review. I’ve done some Pilates, not a lot, but want to get into it more. The Beginning Mat workout sounds perfect.

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