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The Best Pilates DVD/Videos Reviewed - Top 3

Pilates videos are in high demand right now - I’ve seen them everywhere from the grocery checkout to fitness specialty stores. Videos are a great way to supplement pilates training on your own as well as an excellent stocking stuffer (or Hanuka, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s gift.) Since most of them claim to [...]

Crunch - Hit the Spot Pilates with Ellen Barrett

This workout in three sections of “Belly, Thighs, and Butt” is too slow for the content in the video. Even too slow for a beginner, as Barret routinely gets us into a pilates position which we hold while she endlessly talks.
Going over the how-to of creating an imprinted pelvis gets her a few brownie [...]

Rapid Results Pilates - 10 Minute Solutions

The Rapid Results Pilates video is comprised of 5 sections:

Super toned buns and thighs
Arms and shoulder shaper
Waist slimmer
Total body blast
Slim and sleek stretch

Seeming like an aerobics video performed horizontally on a mat, there was no talk of pilates principles or breathing. A few exercises were too advanced to not include instruction on alignment - [...]

Denise Austin: Hit the Spot Pilates

Denise Austin’s Hit the Spot Pilates video is divided into 8 different categories:

Abs and Waistline
Power Abs
Pilates Challenge: this is dance/yoga

If as much focus and effort went into her teaching as did her multiple set designs she would have a stellar pilates video. However, I am sad to report that the opposite is true. [...]

Jennifer Kries Pilates Method - Perfect Mix

This 60 minute workout has four parts:

A pilates section
A dance inspired section with weights
The same dance inspired section with the audio swapped for music
AM/PM Yoga inspired rejuvenation

Though this disc has a fun dance section - it should be noted that it is not strictly a pilates video. For this reason I would not recommend [...]

Hilary Burnett’s Intermediate Pilates

Though Hilary Burnett’s pilates video kept me moving at a constant tempo there was too much time spent on breathing and not enough on warm-up. I would have traded some of the breathing for more warm-up, instead of jumping right into the hundred.
And though Burnett’s descriptive visuals were good, she often left out key [...]

Classical Pilates Technique with Peter Fiasca

This video uses the Classical style of Pilates - similar to the way Joseph Pilates (the founder of the Pilates Method) used to teach. Though this DVD includes a basic workout, an intermediate workout, and an advanced workout I would not recommend using it as your weekly practice video.
The basic exercises are too fast, [...]

Total Body Pilates - Karen Voight

Let’s start with the good points: Karen Voight’s Total Body Pilates DVD is well organized and easy to navigate. There is a beginning section which breaks down what each section of the DVD does - this part even has demos! She even specifies which kinds of equipment (thicker mats for spine protection) you [...]

Stott Pilates The Secret to Weight Loss

Though I am an avid fan of the Stott Pilates videos for their clear and well structured workouts that produce results, I was disappointed in this video. This DVD is comprised of two main sections: a cardio section and a pilates section that follows.
The cardio section involves an action called “pilates walking” which is [...]

Winsor Pilates Accelerated Pilates Workout

Though Mari Winsor (founder of Winsor Pilates) teaches this workout DVD, she does not demonstrate the exercises - Mari has several pilates students demonstrate the workout that she gives. This workout is very quick and at an advanced level. There is not as much time spent on principles and breathing.
My Favorite thing: [...]

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