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Hilary Burnett’s Intermediate Pilates

Though Hilary Burnett’s pilates video kept me moving at a constant tempo there was too much time spent on breathing and not enough on warm-up. I would have traded some of the breathing for more warm-up, instead of jumping right into the hundred.
And though Burnett’s descriptive visuals were good, she often left out key [...]

Pilates Ring and Magic Circle Recommendations

A pilates ring is a great and versatile resistance tool to add to your pilates exercises. Use them to tone arms and challenge core stability.
There are only a couple of differences to look out for when purchasing pilates rings.

Pilates Ring and Magic Circle Differences
Pilates rings, like most other forms of resistance in fitness, have different [...]

Pilates Ball Recommendation

Pilates balls are a great challenge and if you’re looking for a total body workout… well here it is, in all of its round glory. Thank goodness we aren’t what we exercise (round and stout.)
What to Know When Buying a Pilates Ball
There is one thing you need to know when ordering a pilates stability [...]

Pilates Flex Band Recommendation

Flex Bands have several names. I have heard them called Thera-bands, Pilates bands, Resistance bands, Exercise bands, and Flex bands. To clear any confusion, it is one item with many identities.
Exercise with the Pilates Flex Band
Flex bands are excellent to boost any pilates mat workout. Workouts can be created with the flex [...]

Pilates Foam Roller Recommendation

Pilates Exercise with the Foam Roller
Foam rollers are great props for testing your stability, balance, and core strength. An essential/basic, intermediate, and even advanced level pilates workout can become quite challenging if a foam roller is incorporated!
Foam Roller Recommendations
There are many different types of foam rollers out on the market now. I personally [...]

Pilates Mat Recommendation

How to Choose a Pilates Mat
You want to choose a pilates mat largely based on the surface you will be exercising on. Harder surfaces require more padding to protect vulnerable parts of the body from injury. Softer surfaces require less padding - too much padding can create an unstable surface. The examples [...]

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