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Beginning Mat Workout with Ana Caban

Ana Caban’s Beginning Mat workout DVD is clearly divided into three sections: A 10 minute intro, pilates exercises, and an energy boost section. The introduction provides information about what effects pilates has on the body, pilates principles, common terms heard throughout a pilates workout, and what you need in a workout. The energy [...]

Stott Pilates Intermediate Matwork with Moira Stott-Merrithew

The Stott Pilates Intermediate DVD takes first place for its clarity and ability to teach via video, instead of being merely a follow-along session. Going without an elaborate backdrop and setting, the focus is on making sure viewers understand the pilates basic principles and how to integrate them into each and every pilates exercise.
The proper [...]

Pilates Workout for Dummies with Michelle Dozois

I was pleasantly surprised with the Pilates workout for Dummies DVD video. This video is clearly organized and has a beginning section dedicated specifically to principles. In this video the backdrop is minimal and Michelle Dozois speaks slowly to allow for a beginner level student to keep up with her.
My favorite part: There [...]

Pilates Video/DVD Recommendations to Start with

How to Pick a Pilates Video

A method vs. an individual putting out a video will tend to be more legitimate (Stott Pilates vs. Denise Austin)
If an individual, do research. What are his/her credentials? Are they certified?
Clear description of the pilates principles
Constant referral back to the principles on as many exercises as possible
Cuing speed. [...]

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