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Stott Pilates The Secret to Weight Loss

Though I am an avid fan of the Stott Pilates videos for their clear and well structured workouts that produce results, I was disappointed in this video. This DVD is comprised of two main sections: a cardio section and a pilates section that follows.
The cardio section involves an action called “pilates walking” which is [...]

8 Pilates Myths and Truths

Move over Step Aerobics and Atkins Diet - pilates is taking over the limelight. Pilates has gained a lot of attention -and hype - in the last few years but…isn’t it the same thing as yoga? Why has pilates caught on and does it have staying power?
Here are eight common beliefs about pilates, some [...]

Pilates Exercise and Weight Loss

If you’re JUST looking to lose weight - pilates is NOT the most efficient method. Pilates is a unique form of exercise that has many benefits. These benefits are most efficiently achieved by practicing pilates. Weight loss is not one of these “most efficient” benefits.
Pilates is unique in that it changes your body [...]

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