Rapid Results Pilates - 10 Minute Solutions

The Rapid Results Pilates video is comprised of 5 sections:

  1. Super toned buns and thighs
  2. Arms and shoulder shaper
  3. Waist slimmer
  4. Total body blast
  5. Slim and sleek stretch

Seeming like an aerobics video performed horizontally on a mat, there was no talk of pilates principles or breathing. A few exercises were too advanced to not include instruction on alignment - which could result in injury for the newcomer.

The second section uses light weights which gives an extra challenge. However, I would never recommend any of my clients watch a pilates video which utilizes weights but forgoes pilates principles about alignment. Not only will the viewers not gain all that they can out of their workout, but it is dangerous.

In sum: not recommended.

  • Pace - Good
  • Level - Intermediate
  • Clear breath cuing - No
  • Inclusion of pilates principles - No
  • Explanation of the goals of an exercise - No
  • What you get out of doing an exercise - No
  • Target muscles - Very few
  • Common errors in specific exercises - None

Would you like to see how this pilates DVD measures up to the other top 12? This article will reveal the top three pilates DVDs which are worth your time and money!

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