Safety Notice

General Rules:

  • Consult a physician before starting any exercise program.
  • Stop exercise immediately if you have any pain or discomfort.
  • Do not use any pilates equipment if it appears damaged or broken.
  • For larger pieces of pilates equipment - consult your pilates instructor for a lesson on “usage and safety” before trying on your own.

Realize that,

  • This web-site is simply for your knowledge.
  • I am not a doctor and this information is not intended to be medical or health care advice, treatment, or diagnosis.
  • This information is not a substitute for any medical or other professional advice.
  • You should consult a physician, or other professional, in regards to medical issues.
  • assumes no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on what you find at
  • Your body is an amazingly fine tuned piece of art. If something hurts it is your sign to STOP! Be smart and listen. If needed, give your doctor a call.

Basicallyenjoy yourself but don’t get hurt! And if you get hurt - take responsibility for it! Don’t walk around telling everyone that your doctor at told you to do it. (People might think you are a little weird…)


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