Stott Pilates The Secret to Weight Loss

Though I am an avid fan of the Stott Pilates videos for their clear and well structured workouts that produce results, I was disappointed in this video. This DVD is comprised of two main sections: a cardio section and a pilates section that follows.

The cardio section involves an action called “pilates walking” which is too watered down and monotonous. If I am going to get my heart pumping with a video then I don’t want to do the same 3 steps for 20 minutes. The pilates section was very thorough and clear, as usual, but I would like to have seen more pilates content. This video does have a second volume and the cardio looks a little more challenging there.

When all is said and done - I would rather do my own favorite version of cardio (running, dancing, biking, etc) and then pull out my favorite pilates disc or swing by the studio for a class - this way I am getting the best of both worlds… cardio that I look forward to, and a full length pilates class filled with excellent instruction.

  • Pace - Too slow
  • Level - Advanced beginner
  • Clear breath cuing - Breath was clearly stated even with the cardio portion
  • Inclusion of pilates principles - Principles were included in the cardio - this is a plus!
  • Explanation of the goals of an exercise - In the pilates exercises
  • What you get out of doing an exercise - In the pilates exercises
  • Target muscles -Given in the pilates and cardio portion
  • Common errors in specific exercises - Given in the pilates section

Would you like to see how this pilates DVD measures up to the other top 12? This article will reveal the top three pilates DVDs which are worth your time and money!

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