Total Body Pilates - Karen Voight

Let’s start with the good points: Karen Voight’s Total Body Pilates DVD is well organized and easy to navigate. There is a beginning section which breaks down what each section of the DVD does - this part even has demos! She even specifies which kinds of equipment (thicker mats for spine protection) you might consider using.

From there, the video starts with smaller/more controlled movements which wake up the body. But then the larger movements lack consistent implementation of the pilates principles. And at this point the video becomes more of a “follow-along” style than usable instruction.

This video would be great for someone trained by a pilates professional and has achieved the intermediate level - someone who can implement the pilates principles on their own, knows where their mistakes tend to happen, and be able to self-correct their mistakes. Since this video is more of a follow-along video, the pace is rapid but doable.

She does include a section with a “magic circle” or “pilates ring.” However - I would have liked to have seen her use the ring more with the arms. One of the greatest things about the ring is that it can be used in a mat workout to target the arms - which sometimes feel neglected in matwork.

  • Pace - Quick
  • Level - Intermediate
  • Clear breath cuing - Not consistent
  • Inclusion of pilates principles - Included in the beginning and then drops off as the workout progresses
  • Explanation of the goals of an exercise - Not consistent
  • What you get out of doing an exercise - Not consistent
  • Target muscles - Few are mentioned
  • Common errors in specific exercises - This is not really mentioned at all and something I consider key to teaching.

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