Winsor Pilates Accelerated Pilates Workout

Though Mari Winsor (founder of Winsor Pilates) teaches this workout DVD, she does not demonstrate the exercises - Mari has several pilates students demonstrate the workout that she gives. This workout is very quick and at an advanced level. There is not as much time spent on principles and breathing.

My Favorite thing: One of the demonstrators in the film is dedicated to only doing modifications of exercises, telling you how to make an exercise harder or easier.

Downside: I like to hear - even in advanced level workouts - discussion about the principles incorporated into the exercises. This workout’s focus was more on pace than anything else, so principles fell by the wayside. Also, as pilates continues to grow as a discipline it undergoes revisions constantly; the style of pilates in the Winsor video is based on the original version of pilates - so the way that some of the exercises are done seems outdated. For example, in rolling like a ball the chin is tucked into the chest very far forward. Many instructors see such excessive flexion of the cervical spine and thoracic spine as unnecessary and harmful, as it increases neck tension.

Pace - Fast
- Advanced
Clear breath cuing - Does not really mention breath.
Inclusion of pilates principles - Does not consistently discuss pilates principles throughout the workout
Explanation of the goals of an exercise
- Winsor assumes that you already know the goals.
What you get out of doing an exercise - Does mention you might have “firms dancer legs” after certain exercises.
Target muscles
- Briefly mentions a few muscles which are focused in certain exercises, but not all.
Common errors in specific exercises - This is seldom mentioned.

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